Travel to and from Cambodia

Vietnamese Airliner at Siem Reap
Flights are best booked well in advance. Most people fly through Bangkok, Seoul,  Singapore or Kuala Lumpur. Costs vary a lot with the best deals in secured well in advance. Holiday times like Christmas and Easter are much more expensive and are often booked up weeks in advance.
Flying From Malaysia, Singapore & Thailand
There are some good deals to Siem Reap through Air Malaysia via Kuala Lumpur International Airport KLIA.  For International flights using Malaysian Airlines you can check in at KL Central Station which is the city Transport hub. The fast KLIA Express takes less than 30 mins and cost 35MYR

Budget Airlines
Air Asia and Jet Star Asia are now operating from Kuala Lumpur, Singapore and Bangkok at discount prices. This has significantly reduced the cost of a short break from Malaysia and Singapore! To get the best price it is best to book well in advance. A new Low Cost terminal KLCC for Air Asia  opened at the end of May 06. There are direct buses to KLCC from KL Sentral Station: 1h 15mins for 9MYR.
Flying via Bangkok
You can fly direct to Siem Reap from Bangkok using Bangkok Airways costs to Siem Reap are not as competitive as flying to Phnom  Penh.  Bangkok International Suvarnabhumi Airport opened in September 2006;  This is 30kms from the old Don Muang Airport which is still being used for some domestic flights. There is a hefty $25 departure tax from Cambodian Airports for international flights and a variable rate for internal. This applies to PP to Siem Reap (Flights are approx $60-$70 + tax)
There is a  departure tax from Cambodian Airports for  internal flights. Phnom Penh to Siem Reap is $8

Visas can be obtained on entry to Cambodia at airports and many overland crossing points.
Tourist visas cost $20 and are valid for one month. They can be renewed once for an additional month for approximately $40 - $45
E visas cost $25 and are available online. These can be used on most  land crossings including the popular Poipet route. They eliminate the Visa scams at that crossing. and  reduce queuing time at Airports.
Check the E Visa Web site for latest details.
Visas for Malaysian and Singaporean citizens are not required.
Visas from Bangkok: Getting a visa from the  Cambodian Embassy in Bangkok is now inconvenient since  it moved location well out  of the city centre. As with some overland entry points they ask extra fees of $5 for express service.
Sri Lankan Citizens need a letter of authorization from your  Government to enter Cambodia. You will be refused entry if you do not have this document.

Now that the roads are improving; travel by bus on main routes are now more reliable and faster. Off the main roads there is little or no public transport. Only a few percent  of Cambodian secondary roads are paved. Travel to most places in the Dry Season is possible; but in the rainy season some routes become difficult or impassable.

Buses from Siem Rep to Phnom Penh take around 5 - 6  hours and cost between $5 and $12. There is usually a 1/2 hour stop in Kompong Thom or Skun (depending on bus Co). The main Bus station is 3 KMs east of town. It is a very chaotic entry to Siem Reap. Some of the better bus companies have now moved to their own facilities. Mekong Express and some other bus companies have better organized facilities elsewhere
Please let us know which Company you are using to assist us in your pick up.

Taxis to and from Phnom Penh cost  $60  for the journey which takes 4-5 Hours Taxi: Departures are  flexible; allow  4.5 hrs  for the journey Up to 4 passengers. An English Speaking driver will cost $10 more
It is also possible to go by road or take a boat to Battembang and continue to Phnom Penh by bus; allow  2 days to do this

Fast ferries do the Phnom Penh Siem Reap run in around 6 hours.  Boats are running daily but due to competition by the buses there are less of them. The boats have a car service to pick up passengers from their hotels in Siem Reap 5:30 am. The quality of serves have deteriorated to the point where they are not very reliable or comfortable .

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