Kompong Khleang

KoKompong Khleang fishermen
Kompong Khleang fishermen
Kompong Khleang is one of the largest settlements on the lake. Over 20,000 people live in high stilt houses which tower up to 10 meters over the river. It is a spectacular place which only gets a small number of visitors.
There is a small island at the centre of the village which has a bustling market and one of several Pagodas, a School and Health Centre. The Pagoda has a brightly coloured painting outside the entrance; depicting Heaven and a rather gory Hell; depicted very graphically. There are also carved stones from the remains of an Angkorian Temple which was once on this site.
The kids are enthusiastic and cheekily pose anywhere a camera is pointed. They get very exited when the see their images in the preview screens of digital cameras.

I have a large archive of pictures from this area; so to show just 18 pictures was a hard choice to make

Peace of Angkor started running tours to Kompong Khleang  in 2004. At that time few people had ever heard of it!.  We only knew of the Village because of  guide Tá Elit's  mother was born there ad guide Sorn's familay life near there too. It was an incredible experience the first time which has never lost its photographic appeal. We were the only tour operator  running regular tours there from 2005 until 2008. We have built up a good relationship with the villagers and use local boats which are operated through a villagers co-operative . This keeps the tourist income within the community.  We fully support this and we have been using Kompong Khleang as our lake base since 2005.

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